SHALOM Festival for Peace in the Middle East 2013

On Sunday May 12, 2013 the “Festival for Peace” will be held for the first time in Brussels. This cultural event organized for the sake of Israel will take place in Place d’Espagne, 1000 Brussels (between Grand Place and the Central Station) from 14.00 to 18.00 hours. At the initiative of the festival, several Belgian civil society organisations, among them: the Belgian Coalition for Israel, Koinonia, B’nai B’rith Brussels, KKL, ORT Belgium, Meir Panim, Anet and Christians for Israel. A gospel concert, dances, musical performances, stalls with photo exhibits, games for children, literary activities and food and drinks have been programmed by the organisers. The festival, which had already been held twice in Antwerp, aims at promoting dialogue, understanding and peace among nations. The highlight of the event will be the participation of two Israeli professors, one of Jewish and the other one of Arab origin, both active in “World ORT’, the world educational NGO. Since they have been working together for years, they will explain how the cooperation between people issued of different communities is a reality in Israel.

Pour plus d’informations:

For more information contact: M. Raymond VANDEPUT (Gsm: 0495 537 943) et M. John VAN DER DUSSEN (Gsm: 0486 252 404) Pour ORT Belgium: Mme Charlotte GUTMAN (Gsm: 0497 444 567) – Pour Koinonia: Mme Katia VAN DE BROECK (Gsm: 0485 070 796)