2019 ORT Belgium conference Eliane Maarek : The Hebrew alphabet to understand the holy commandments

 Conference given by Eliane MAAREK – Monday 12 August 2019

By knowing the Hebrew alphabet it’s possible to understand the divine commandments

The Herbrew language is the means of communiation between the Creator of the World and Hebrew people as well as humanity. During this conference we will discover how ever since Jews who know Hebrew access the meaning of the biblical commandments without any intermediary.One has to know the meaning of each Hebrew letter and obviously some basic rules. After having browsed the alphabet, we’ll comment the reason why the commandments require us to eat Matzo (unleavened bread) for Pessah and why it is prohibited to light the fire on Shabbat.You’ll learn that logic is present everywhere, which facilitates the undertanding of the Torah.

This conference is open to all, even to those who don’t know Hebrew.

Eliane Maarek is a Doctor-Engineer in Mathematics and a Company Manager (ARKELIS : strategy consulting, marketing, management and innovation). She publishes articles and a book is now in preparation. She has given lectures and has spoken at numerous conferences in France, Israël and many other countries for now 7 years on the theme : «  Understanding the Torah in a simple way through mathematical logic ».  

SHALOM Festival for Peace in the Middle East 2017

On Sunday May 21, 2017 the “Festival for Peace” will be held in Brussels. This cultural event organized for the sake of Israel will take place in Place d’Espagne, 1000 Brussels (between Grand Place and the Central Station) from 14.00 to 18.00 hours. At the initiative of the festival, several Belgian civil society organisations, among them: the Belgian Coalition for Israel, Koinonia, B’nai B’rith Brussels, KKL, ORT Belgium, Anet, Christians for Israel, Beautiful Israel, Christians Friends of Israel and Alliance for Peace in Middle-East. A gospel concert, dances, musical performances, stalls with photo exhibits, games for children, literary activities and food and drinks have been programmed by the organisers. The festival, which had already been held in Antwerp and Brussels, aims at promoting dialogue, understanding and peace among nations. For more information contact: M. Raymond VANDEPUT (Gsm: 0495 537 943) et M. John VAN DER DUSSEN (Gsm: 0486 252 404) For ORT Belgium: Mme Charlotte GUTMAN (Gsm: 0497 444 567) – www.ortbelgium.org For Koinonia: Mme Katia VAN DE BROECK (Gsm: 0485 070 796)  

An ORT trip to Ukraine : Kiev & Ouman & Odessa

SAVE THE DATE FROM 11 TO 19 MAY 2017 A unique trip from Kiev to Odessa going thru Uman. The ORT Institutions of ORT, after an absence of 52 years between 1939 and 1991. The history of the Jewish communities in that Eastern Europe. A full program that we are offering to the friends of ORT Belgium. Meetings with officials and a lot of surprises … For information, and / or inscriptions, please contact Charlotte.Gutman@ortbelgium.org et E.Shapiro@bergbrussels.be  

Brunch to support an ORT high-school in Israel


Brunch de soutien pour la rénovation d’un lycée ORT en Israël Réhaussé par la présence de son Excellence L’Ambassadeur d’Israël à l’Union Européene et à L’OTAN Mr Aharon Leshno-Yaar, Head of Mission Le dimanche 4 décembre 2016 à 12h00 Rsvp: charlotte.gutman@ortbelgium.org – Tél. +32 (0)497 44 45 67 PAF: 50€  

« Nazi exile, the promise of the Middle East » Documentary & Debate

Le mercredi 27 janvier 2016 à 20h dans le cadre de la Journée Internationale de la commémoration à la mémoire des victimes de l’Holocauste, l’ORT Belgique vous présente un documentaire “L’exil nazi, la promesse de l’Orient”.


Belgian Friends of ORT to visit Toulouse in France

Les Amis de l’ORT vous informent de leur prochaine excursion à Toulouse: 3 au 6 septembre 2015   ORT Belgium asbl: Tél. : +32 497 444 567 Charlotte.gutman@ortbelgium.org –

A VIP day visit to Pairi Daiza

Les Amis de l’ORT vous informent de leur prochaine excursion à Pairi Daiza: le lundi 22 septembre 2014   ORT Belgium asbl: Tél. : +32 497 444 567 Charlotte.gutman@ortbelgium.org – Patrick Menache : pm@ortbelgium.org