Our trips

Why does ORT Belgium organize trips ?

After twenty years, ORT schools in Belgium closed their doors around 1965-1966. This is the reason why ORT Belgium decided to organize trips abroad in cities where ORT schools are active mainly on the high-school level.

From 1946 onwards, there were three ORT schools in Belgium. They trained survivors of the Shoah to enable them to rapidly integrate the active society and become independant.

It has been ORT’s mission. It still is ORT’s mission. However today World ORT focuses on sciences, technologies, maths and engineering.

Friends of ORT Belgium participated in visits of ORT schools:

  • 2012 Strasbourg : www.strasbourg.ort.asso.fr
  • 2013 Vilnius : http://ortinlithuania.ort.org
  • 2014 Buenos Aires : www.ort.edu.ar
  • 2014 Montevideo : www.ort.edu.uy (ORT university part of Erasmus programme)
  • 2015 Toulouse : www.toulouse-ort.asso.fr
  • 2017 Ukraine : Kyiv, Uman & Odessa
  • 2019 Spain: Madrid, Toledo & Segovia


ORT has spoken!

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